Arkhé, from the ancient Greek Ἀρχή meaning “origin” or “beginning”, is the word we chose to inspire our first collection. Arkhé was also used to name the first principle or element from which everything else came to be.

This collection explores the possibilities of the timeless elements, ideas and shapes that evolve and renew themselves time after time, but never losing their initial essence.

We’ve made use of traditional couture materials as artisanal Chantilly lace and soft silk satin, complimenting them with other luxury details as 24K gold plated hardware. We integrate all these elements into contemporary shapes that still indulge in delightful nods to the past.

The collection includes four ranges, each one named after a Greek primordial deity: Chaos, Gaia, Eros and Nyx.

Photography: Beatriz Maldonado – MUA: Laia Teixidor – Model: Vika K.