Sofía Luzón

— Lingerie Designer & Pattern Maker

Lingerie has always appealed to me, both from the designer and the wearer perspective. The intricacy of the fabrics and the exquisite craftsmanship that are required to produce a luxury piece of lingerie reminds me to the work of the finest artists. So, after finishing a degree in Art History, I decided to continue my studies in pattern making, specializing in lingerie and corsetry.  I’m truly passionate about fashion, because I believe that the right garments can make people feel unique and help them to create their own identity.

Sofía Luzón is a personal project that I’m developing while working in the fashion industry. This project arose from my own desire to find lingerie that could be adapted to both my body and my style. Thus, I draw my inspiration mainly from my art history background: my favourite artists, writers and filmmakers are always present in my design process.

Each piece is handmade in Stockholm (Sweden) using carefully selected fabrics, and I offer customisation and bespoke options so that everybody can have a truly couture experience. After all, let’s not forget that lingerie can be a practical necessity and a whimsical indulgence at the same time.