Sofía Luzón

— Lingerie Designer & Pattern Maker

The intricacy of the fabrics and the exquisite craftsmanship that are required to produce a luxury piece of lingerie reminds me of the work of the finest artists. So, after finishing a degree in Art History, I decided to continue my studies in pattern making, specializing in lingerie and corsetry.

Creating my brand was a project that arose from the desire to find lingerie that is ethically made and at the same time retains all the luxury elements of haute-couture fashion. My background in Art History still helps me to find inspiration for my designs, and I have a sweet spot for pre-Raphaelite artists and ancient myths and legends.

I strongly stand by the ‘slow fashion’ approach, so you can be sure that all the fabric and supplies I use have quality certifications and are the most sustainable option that I could find. Even the packaging is made with recicled materials!

Each one of my designs is handmade in Stockholm (Sweden) using carefully selected fabrics and couture techniques.  I also offer customisation and bespoke options so that everybody can have a truly luxurious experience. You deserve kindness and respect, and those are the values that I follow when I create my pieces.