The beginnings of my lingerie brand

Those who have followed us since the beginning already know that I launched Sofia Luzon lingerie by releasing the first collection during Fall/Winter of 2017. Even though it was almost a year and a half ago, I feel that all this time has passed by in a blink! Creating a project like this doesn’t only involve drawing designs, drafting patterns and sewing some pieces. There’s actually a lot more happening behind the scenes and I haven’t stopped working for a second!

Before I launched this project, I spent a full year looking for suppliers, learning about sales and prices and buying all the equipment I was going to need. Then, I thought that I was ready, but what I didn’t expect was all the paperwork I had to complete in Spain before producing my pieces. Setting up a designer brand involves a lot of time and effort and that doesn’t end in the beginning, you have to keep doing it continuously!

Relocating to Sweden

As you may know, 6 months ago I made one of the most important decisions in my life. I decided to move from Barcelona to Stockholm, in Sweden. It made sense both from a personal and a professional point of view, but it also came with some challenges. After all, it’s a new country, with a different language, different weather and of course, a different market! Nevertheless, the relocation was not only faster than I thought but also easier. In 8 weeks I had everything set up here to continue working as usual!

But, there was a lot of bureaucratic work. During the last 6 months I’ve been doing a ton of paperwork in Sweden not only to register my business again, but also to settle myself in Stockholm. Everything had to be done before the new year started and finally I made it! So, today I can say that I’m properly registered and established in Stockholm, Sweden!

Some changes for the new year

The relocation implies a lot of new things to me but fortunately I only have to make some minor adjustments at Sofia Luzon lingerie!

Better postal service

The first one is an improvement in the postal service. That’s right! From now on, the time and cost of delivery is lower and that’s amazing news for everybody. I can focus more in the design and production, knowing that the logistics are sorted out.

Local suppliers and higher quality

The second adjustment is related with the local production and suppliers. My obsession has always been to produce with the lowest environmental impact possible. I also wanted to support local businesses wherever I am and that’s why several of my lingerie suppliers where in Barcelona. Moving to Sweden meant that I had to change some of them so I can keep with the slow fashion ethos. As you know the quality of the lingerie is one of the most important things to me as well. Here I’ve found really good suppliers that put a lot of care in producing environmentally-friendly goods. Let me tell you, the Swedes take environmental issues very seriously! Unfortunately, greater quality comes at a greater price as well. The good news are that I still have some of the fabrics and supplies that I brought from Barcelona. Enough to last for a month and a half or so if the sales go as well as they have. So, hurry up before the prices increase!

Sweden taxes

The last change is related to taxes and the Swedish Tax Office. Sweden has a high welfare state and to maintain it they need to keep a high level of taxes. It means I’ll need to take that into account and change the price of the past collections. The good news is that the difference won’t be so big, and for those of you who buy from non-EU countries, it won’t impact the prices at all since it’s your local Tax Office who manages it.

I know that sometimes it’s difficult to understand the pricing of a handmade lingerie product. Since as one of my goals for the new year is to achieve better transparency, I’m planning to create a whole post on the subject. So, keep an eye on this space!