Mageía (μαγεία) is the ancient Greek word for “Magic”, and it serves as the inspiration for this capsule collection. In the ancient times, the magicians were the ones that had knowledge and control over the secret forces of the world, often using objects endowed with mysterious powers called amulets.

Each one of the items of this collection is conceived in such a way that evokes the concept of ancient amulets, as they are designed to embrace and protect the wearer under their soft and ethereal fabrics. The garments are made-to-order and crafted from very special materials like pure silk satin and delicate French lace. But what makes them even more special is that they’re meant to be unique: the lace used is not symmetric, so the appliqué that decorates the fabric will always be different from piece to piece.

The Mageía loungewear collection includes a nightgown with an asymmetric hem, a wrap-around top, a pair of French knickers that can be tied at the back and a robe with chiffon sleeves and a matching belt.

Photography: Marina Arias Queralt