Designer Lingerie

Sofía Luzón is a designer lingerie label that arises from the need of having well-fitting undergarments that are ethically made with the finest materials and craftsmanship. We want to pose an alternative to the ‘fast-fashion’ industry that standardizes women’s bodies and has caused a homogenisation both in fit and style.

We aim to restore the most personal and human part of the fashion process, creating handcrafted garments that can be tailored to each person. Our limited-edition pieces are sewn with care, paying attention to every detail, and will make you feel like the unique woman that you are.

Made-to-order Lingerie

All of our garments are made to order in Stockholm. This allows us to minimize waste, reducing our environmental impact and maintaining a more sustainable production. Our made-to-order process also means that we are able to make custom modifications upon request. We take more time to make each garment, and we create it with care and attention to the finer details. We select our materials carefully and prioritize local suppliers in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Custom modifications

If you really like our garments but you feel that there’s something that you’d like to change, we could make it right for you: you can request additional colours or materials, extra sizes and small alterations. We want to provide you with the best assistance, and the best way to do so is adapting our lingerie to your needs. Ask us, and together we’ll find a solution!


Your favourite piece of lingerie is not only the one that makes you feel comfortable, but also the one that connects with your personality by its unique aesthetic and qualities. That’s why we provide a bespoke service where you are the most important part of the process. Together, we can design the piece that you’re looking for, and complete it with handpicked materials and fabrics, to ensure that you have a truly personalised experience.