Gift Guide

Lingerie can be a thoughtful and intimate gift for a loved one (may it be a partner, a friend or a relative). It’s perfect to celebrate a special occasion, or just to add a little surprise to an otherwise ordinary day! 

But gift giving can be daunting, especially with something as nuanced as lingerie. So, if you are not sure about how to start, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Finding out the size

The easiest way to get the right size is asking the recipient for their measurements. But that may not be possible if you want to keep it a surprise. So, you could have a look at their lingerie drawer and take note of the sizes you find.

Look at a size chart to see how those sizes translate into measurements, and then compare them with the Sofía Luzón size chart.

If you’re not quite sure about sizing, my advice is to choose garments that are easy fitting, like some beautiful silk nightwearAnd of course, you can get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Easy-fitting garments

I specially recommend the Mageia wrap top or the Eos silk top: both styles are very flexible in size, because the wrap-around closures allow them to be easily adjusted for a wide range of sizes. The Ondina top is also a good choice, as it’s loose fit allows for some flexibility too. Also, these styles are not just for the bedroom, but they can be worn as outerwear too! Their versatility makes them a winner in my eyes (and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that way!)

A glamorous silk robe is also a perfect choice. Some of my favourites are the Ostara robe and the Eos robe, both being short robes that are perfect when getting out of bed or lounging around the house. But if you’re looking for more of a wow-factor, you can’t go wrong with the Mageia robe and its dramatic long sleeves, or the long Ondina robe, decorated with hand-cut lace! They can become a stunning present that will be loved for a long time.

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If you want to pair your silk top or robe with some bottoms, the best choice are some French knickers: the MageiaOndina and Eos French knickers beautifully compliment the rest of the range, and the ties at the waist make them quite flexible in size.

Bras, knickers and garter belts

If you’re sure about sizing, you can venture into the world of lingerie sets. A 3-piece set (bra + knickers + garter belt) is the obvious choice, and the most glamorous!

You could also opt for a bra and two different styles of knickers (maybe a thong and an option with more coverage?). Soft bras like the Ondina triangle bra or the Mageia bandeau bralette are easier to fit than underwired styles, and there’re also some knicker designs with adjustable elastic at the sides, so they’re more forgiving in size (like the Eos cheeky knickers or the Ondina cheeky knickers).

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Small gifts and add-ons

Sometimes a treasured present can be just a small detail given with intention, or maybe you want to add something extra to your gift. In both cases, small items like sleep masks or chokers are perfect for the task! The Ondina and Mageia sleep masks are both made of silk and will add a luxury feeling to any gift. And the Mageia choker will also be a perfect little touch!

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And if you really have no idea: Gift cards

That’s right: if you prefer to play it safe and let the recipient be the one to choose, there’s nothing better than to give them a gift certificate to the shop! You can buy a digital gift certificate, or if you prefer a physical one contact me. Gift cards are the absolute best way to ensure that your present will be exactly what the recipient dreamed of!

Do you have a question ?

If you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’ll be more than happy to advise you about sizes, styles, and matching items, so together we can create the perfect gift!