This collection is inspired by Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture and the fertility of the Earth. She was a powerful and wise deity, and was said to have given mankind the gift of the harvest, as she taught humans the art of agriculture.

It seems fitting that a collection named after this goddess, guardian of Nature and its laws, should be made in a way that honours her legacy: that’s why all the pieces in the Ceres collection are made using GOTS certified organic cotton and deadstock French lace. Deadstock fabrics come from textile factories overproduction, so using this lace is a way to give it a new life and save it from the landfill.

By using sustainably sourced materials to create comfortable and durable garments, this collection aims to take care of you as well as the Earth.

The Ceres collection includes a lace bralette and a lounge top, which can be mixed-and-matched with several bottom options to create your own unique set. The bottoms include high-waisted knickers and thong, low-waisted knickers and a strappy design. There’s also a suspender top that can be made either sleeveless or with short sleeves.

As always, every piece is carefully made to order by the designer in her Stockholm atelier. You can shop the collection here.

Photography: Beatriz Maldonado – MUA: Laia Teixidor – Model: Isa.