This collection is named after Ostara, an ancient Germanic goddess associated with Spring. Also known as Eostre, she is linked with other ancient deities like Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn. They are part of a much older tradition that connects the resurgence of natural forces with a powerful feminine entity. Ostara represents both the awakening of light after a long night, and the rebirth of the Earth after the bleak winter, as she is the one that melts the snow to make the earth fertile again.

The Ostara collection is inspired by this goddess of resurrection, who is also the goddess of love and carnal pleasure, and the awakening of the senses. That’s why the materials used are meant to appeal to the senses too: the tactile contrast between fluid silk satin and the uneven surface of the artisanal lace, the visual juxtaposition of opaque and transparent areas, the soft hand of the fabrics against the strong gold-plated hardware.

The designs are made in two different colours of lace: a pearly white and a subtle shade of blue inspired by fresh forget-me-nots. As everything is made to order, either one of the two colours can be chosen for each piece and all garments can be combined with each other, forming unique sets.

Fotografía: Beatriz Maldonado – MUA: Laia Teixidor – Modelo: Anastasia Sopova