The Eos collection is inspired by one of the oldest Greek goddesses, the personification of the Dawn and bringer of the first light. Eos was said to rise each morning from the edge of the sea, and the mists of the night would fade under her brightness.

The goddess was depicted as a beautiful woman with rosy fingers and golden arms, wearing a robe richly woven with flowers. This image of Eos soaring into the sky in a whirl of rose and gold is what led the colour choices of this collection: the garments are made with Chantilly lace in golden and peachy tones, depicting an intricate pattern of flowers. The lace complimented by the delicate pink shade of the silk, which catches tiny spots of light in its smooth surface.

Along with the light of a new day, it was believed that Eos also brought hope to the heart of both mortals and gods. Honouring that, I’d like this collection to bring hope and comfort to the wearer too. I wanted to use these exquisite fabrics to craft garments that are able to brighten up your day, if only in a small way. After all, the promise of Eos is that light will eventually come, as even the darkest night can be broken by the Dawn.

The Eos collection includes four underwired bras and two soft bras, that can be mixed-and-matched with several bottom options to create your own unique set. The bottoms include both high-waisted and low-waisted styles, a suspender brief and a garter belt. The collection is completed with a luxurious two-piece loungewear set and a short robe, all embellished with lace appliqué.

As always, every piece of the Eos collection is carefully made to order by the designer in her Stockholm atelier. You can shop the collection here.

Photography: Beatriz Maldonado – MUA: Yasmina Irigaray – Model: Carlota.