Sunshine and lace

Inspired by the goddess Eos, this collection evokes the rose and golden tones of the dawn. Intricate lace and tulle cover the body, as gentle on the skin as the first light of the morning.

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370,00 (exc. VAT)
176,00 (exc. VAT)
550,00 (exc. VAT)
109,00 (exc. VAT)
75,00 (exc. VAT)
165,00 (exc. VAT)
118,00 (exc. VAT)
212,00 (exc. VAT)
208,00 (exc. VAT)
207,00 (exc. VAT)
204,00 (exc. VAT)

Photography: Beatriz Maldonado – MUA: Yasmina Irigaray – Model: Carlota