The Ondina collection is named after a very special kind of mythological figures, the Ondines or elemental beings that inhabited water. Usually depicted as beautiful female spirits, they could be found in lakes, waterfalls or rivers. As powerful forces of nature, the Ondines protect their habitats from human damage using their ancestral magic -and, now and then, seducing unaware gentlemen.

There are lots of legends surrounding these magical creatures, often portraying them as wise and compassionate guardians of Nature, but just as often painting them as whimsical and dangerous beings.

Neither innocent nor evil, the changing personality of the Ondina flows free like a sinuous river. Her contradictory nature is what inspired the colour choice in this collection: a delicate shade of light blue, like the surface of water touched by the sun, and a contrasting black shade, the colour of the depths that await in the bottom of a lake.

The rich texture of the overlapping fabrics evokes the complex colour variations of water in all its forms, and the smooth surface of the satin imitates its fluid nature.

The Ondina collection includes three underwired bras and two soft bras, that can be mixed-and-matched with several bottom options to create your own unique set. The bottoms include both high-waisted and low-waisted styles, a suspender brief and a garter belt. The collection is completed with a luxurious two-piece loungewear set and a midi-length robe, all embellished with lace appliqué.

As always, every piece is carefully made to order by the designer in her Stockholm atelier. You can shop the collection here.

Photography: Beatriz Maldonado – MUA: Laia Teixidor – Model: Dora Franz.