Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

All of our garments are designed and handmade in Sweden. Our small atelier is in Stockholm and everything is made in-house. From selecting the fabrics to the final creation by passing through the pattern-making and the sewing.

When you want something unique that suits you perfectly, you definitely are looking for a bespoke garment. The bespoke process takes three different steps:

The first one starts with a talk about the style and design of the garments you want. After that, together we will choose the fabrics, the accessories and the colors. After that we will take your measures and we will create your personal pattern.

The second step is the first fitting with a prototype made with fabrics with similar characteristics in elasticity to help us in adjusting the piece to your body. After that we will make all the needed modifications, if it’s needed!

The third step is the second fitting with the final materials where we will make the last adjustments if they are needed.

After the last modifications, you will receive your unique piece in a magnificent package ready to wear.

Every bespoke process is unique.

It depends on the piece you want and the complexity it takes. Since it is not the same a bralette that a body or a foam bra. In the bespoke process there is also taken into account the meetings to design and the fits. For an average estimation you can count between 3 and 6 weeks.

A more accurate estimation will be given to you during the first meeting.

Every piece of lingerie has a small card with the basic care instructions. For bras and panties, you can wash them in your sink with a specially-formulated delicates wash. Just soak them in cool water with the soap for few minutes, swish to loosen any dirt and gently rinse. Take care not to dry them with direct sun light.