Inspired by the Ceres, goddess of agriculture and Nature, the designs of this organic cotton lingerie collection aim to take care of you with as well as the Earth. 


This collection is inspired by Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture and the fertility of the Earth. She was a powerful and wise deity, and was said to have given mankind the gift of the harvest, as she taught humans the art of agriculture.

Ceres was specially revered by the people of Rome, as she was said to guide the magistrates that decided the rules by which the inhabiants of the city lived by.

There’s also another story about Ceres, more well known and frequently represented in art: her daughter Proserpina (Persephone in the Greek myth) was abducted by the god Pluto and taken to the Underworld.  Her sorrow and grief caused the crops to die, and an endless winter set upon the lands. Finally, Pluto agreed to let Proserpina return to her mother for 6 months each year. During that time (Spring and Sumer), Ceres allows nature to flourish, while Autumn and Winter come when she is away from her daughter.



Spring, s.I AD.

Choosing fabrics and colours


It seems fitting that a collection named after this goddess, guardian of Nature and its laws, should be made in a way that honours her legacy: I put special care in choosing sustainable materials like organic cotton and deadstock lace.

The organic cotton used in these pieces is GOTS-certified and comes from a supplier within Sweden, thus reducing the carbon footprint. It’s also really soft against the skin, and very comfortable thanks to its breathability.

Deadstock fabrics, like the lace used here,  come from textile factories overproduction, which usually ends up in the landfill if nobody buys it. Using this lace is a way to save it from that wasteful fate, and give it a new life in the form of beautiful lingerie.

I hope you enjoyed knowing a bit more about the inspiration behind the collection, and taking a closer look at the materials I used!

You can see the whole collection by clicking the link below: