The Eos collection is inspired by one of the oldest Greek goddesses, the personification of the Dawn and bringer of the first light. 


The idea for this collection started when I saw a painting by William Waterhouse called “The Soul of the Rose”, after a poem by Lord Tennyson. It evoked such powerful images of nature and love and beautiful colours! I started doing some research about roses and the colour pink, reading old legends and myths. And that’s how I came to know more about the Greek goddess Eos.

Eos (in Greek Ἕως) is one of the oldest goddesses from the Greek mythology, and she is the personification of the Dawn and the sister of Helios (the Sun) and Selene (the Moon). Eos was said to rise each morning from the edge of the sea, and the mists of the night would fade under her brightness.

Apparently Eos had numerous lovers, both gods and mortals, and she gave birth to the winds, the stars and the planets. One legend tells that, when she cried upon the death of one of her children during the Trojan war, her tears became the morning dew and they covered the entire Earth. Isn’t that such a sad and beautiful story?

Eos (L’Aurore) – William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1881

Choosing fabrics and colours


In ancient literature, Eos was depicted as a beautiful woman with rosy fingers and golden arms, wearing a robe richly woven with flowers. Also, she’s sometimes described as having a pair of feathery wings, coloured like the sky at dawn. This image of the goddess soaring into the sky in a whirl of rose and gold is what led the colour choices of this collection: the garments are made with Chantilly lace in golden and peachy tones, depicting an intricate pattern of flowers. The lace is complimented by the delicate pink shade of the silk, which catches tiny spots of light in its smooth surface.

But let me tell you, the process of finding the perfect fabric in the perfect shade is not easy! The beautiful lace was love at first sight, as soon as I saw the swatch I knew it was the one, but it was quite difficult to find silk satin and tulle in colours that complimented it without being overpowering. Luckily, one of the joys in working with small suppliers is that we can work together to find right option, and it’s so rewarding!

Along with the light of a new day, it was believed that Eos also brought hope to the heart of both mortals and gods. Honouring that, I’d like this collection to bring hope and comfort to the wearer too, especially after going through difficult times (as I’m sure many of us have experienced lately). I wanted to use these exquisite fabrics to craft garments that are able to brighten up your day, if only in a small way. After all, the promise of Eos is that light will eventually come, as even the darkest night can be broken by the Dawn.

I hope you enjoyed knowing a bit more about the inspiration behind the collection, and taking a closer look at the materials I used!

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