What is custom lingerie

Did you know that you can ask me for a customized piece of lingerie or loungewear that is made to your specifications? That’s right, a custom garment is created according to your measurements and your design tastes, so it’s a great solution if you like one of my designs but would prefer it in another color, or you happen to fall outside the size range on the website.

You might have also heard the term ”bespoke” to refer to something similar, but there are some differences between that and “custom”. A bespoke garment means that you and me can create a completely new design from scratch and it will be adjusted to your measurements to achieve a perfect fit. It’s a very exclusive and time-consuming process, and it usually involves in-person fittings. As a result, the final product will be absolutely unique, albeit quite expensive because of the time and skills required to create it. You can get a more detailed overview of the Bespoke process by clicking here.

Custom orders, on the other hand, start by picking an already existing design of my collection and introducing changes to it. This makes the process easier and less time-consuming, so the resulting product will be more affordable than a custom product, but still very unique. The only thing you need to do if you want a custom garment, is to drop me a line at info@sofia-luzon.com or send me a DM through Instagram.

Eros custom lingerie set in black lace
Eros custom lingerie set in black lace

What things can you change in a custom lingerie set?

  • Size:

If you fall outside the size range stated on the website, you’re welcomed to contact me about creating a custom size for you! This service has a small fee that depends on the garment, but it’s usually around 15% – 20% over the original price. This happens because I’ll have to adapt my patterns to your measurements, and that’s an extra amount of time that adds upp to what usually takes me to make that particular piece.

  • Different color or lace:

If you see a garment you like but you rather have it in another color, that’s absolutely doable!  I can make a design using any lace you like, from the ones that are featured in my collections. And the same happens for the satin: for example, I could make the Ostara robe but with the blue satin that is used for the Ondina collection, and that carries no extra fee. However, if you’d like to have it in a color that isn’t featured in any of my collections (for example, bright pink), I would have to charge an extra because I have to order that fabric exclusively for you.

  • Minor design changes:

If you like one of my designs but you think it would work better for you just with a small modification, that’s usually doable. For example, I have no problem in turning a knicker design into a thong,  or adding some length to a robe. Some of this modifications also carry a small fee (usually around 10%), depending on the difficulty.

  • Split payments:

Having your payment split into several installments is something I offer in all custom orders, and also in all ordinary orders if you ask me! I talk more about this option below.

Gaia custom lingerie set in pink lace and white satin
Gaia custom lingerie set in pink lace and white satin

Payment options 

All custom orders are billed through a Paypal Invoice, and I can offer you the option of splitting the payment in several installments at no extra cost, over a maximum time of 3 months. That way it can be easier for you to invest in a custom piece, as they’re sometimes pricier than regular pieces. If you’re interested in this option, even if you aren’t planning on purchasing a custom garment, just get in touch!

Processing & Shipping time

I’ll start making your custom lingerie as soon as I’ve receives the payment in full. A custom order usually takes me a bit more time than an ordinary order, so the making time could be from 2 to 4 weeks. I’ll keep you updated about the process, and you are always welcome to ask me any doubts or questions you might have.

The shipping time is the same that any regular order, unless you want to do a shipping uppgrade. You can check the ordinary shipping times and prices here.


So, I hope this has shed some light on the custom order process! Please contact me if you have any questions, or if you want to comission your own custom lingerie!