Mageía (μαγεία) is the ancient Greek word for Magic, and it serves as the inspiration for this capsule collection


There are a lot of legends and myths about witches, sorceresses and wise women in ancient times. Women who had knowledge and control over the secret forces of the world, and were both admired and feared because of their powers. 

Some of my favourite stories about legendary witches are the ones about Circe and Medea, from Greek mythology, althought I’ve always had a soft spot for the mysterious figure of Morgan Le Fay, from the Arturic legends.

Something these women had in common, aside from their magical powers, was their rule-breaking independence, and their fierce will to protect what was important to them. Some were betrayed by the men they loved, but they stood their ground and, in some cases, managed to get their revenge.

The Crystal Ball – John William Waterhouse, 1902

Choosing fabrics and colours

Something I wanted to do with this collection was to evoke the passionate nature of these mythical women, but also the mystery that surrounds their magical powers. 

That’s why I looked for dark and rich colours, finally settling in a deep shade of berry for the silk satin, combined with intricate black lace.

I was also very inspired by the objects that these witches used to channel their powers, sometimes in the form of talismans or amulets that they gave to people they wanted to protect.

So, this collection is also conceived in a way that evokes the concept of amulets: as each garment is designed to embrace and protect the wearer under their soft and ethereal fabrics.

As always, all items are made-to-order and crafted from very special materials like pure silk satin and delicate French lace. But what makes them even more special is that they’re meant to be unique: the lace used is not symmetric, so the appliqué that decorates the fabric will always be different from piece to piece.