When we started our brand, we decided to identify ourselves as “couture lingerie”.  So now we may need to explain a little further what does it means for us.

The mainstream model

As a lingerie customer myself, I was growing tired of seeing the same shapes, colours and materials being used over and over by the big lingerie companies. By the very same nature of their business models, these multinational lingerie companies are reluctant to change, to bring new designs, to go out of their comfort zone, fearing that they will lose benefits if they take any risks. They’re trying to cater to everyone in order to obtain bigger revenues, and they’re doing so by re-producing only a handful of designs that have proved to be successful by being sold to the biggest number of customers.

Couture lingerie

In contrast, our business model is very different. We’re a small brand, and our focus is in quality over quantity. We’ve embraced the slow-fashion ethos because we believe that it’s worth to make our garments with care and passion. We do not produce hundreds of garments each season, but a much smaller number of them with the highest attention to detail. We do not release dozens of sets in our collections, instead we carefully curate a selection of designs in which we wholeheartedly believe.

Couture Lingerie - Sofía LuzónCouture Lingerie – Sofía Luzón

This philosophy is what allows us to work with materials and techniques that aren’t available to fast-fashion companies. As an example, we’re proud to say that most of the laces we use are produced in French workshops that still use artisanal methods. They even do some of the processes by hand, and that makes every piece of lace unique. Some of these workshops aren’t able to produce the huge quantities of fabric that would be needed to supply a fast fashion company, who in turn will prefer to buy a low quality lace with a cheaper price tag.

Instead, we’ve opted for buying smaller quantities of this pricier but exquisite lace, and that’s why our designs are limited editions. We love supporting these excellent lace makers, which contributes to preserve their unique skills and traditions.

Furthermore, in Sofía Luzón we also work with other high-end materials, as silk satin or 24K gold plated hardware. Everything is produced in Europe and sometimes in local Spanish factories, as is the case of our elastics.

Attention to details

The techniques we use to create our garments aren’t the ones you’d usually find in mass-produced lingerie. We cut the lace symmetrically by hand, ensuring that the pattern placement is optimized for each particular garment. We care for our customers, so we’re open to give them the personalised attention they deserve. We’re happy to make custom modifications to our garments to suit the wearer’s taste and needs. And we love taking on bespoke projects, where we work alongside to our customers to create really special pieces. So, it offers a degree of personalisation that can only be found in a designer’s atelier.

So, long story short, this is our philosophy: we’re trying to bring together the haute-couture love for luxury materials and artisanal techniques, and the slow-fashion approach to making business.

This is what we mean by “couture lingerie”, a lingerie created with the outermost care and destined to make you feel as unique as you are.